Why Clarity is important in achieving Your Goals

Why clarity is a “must have” thing in any areas you are struggling for. Actually, it’s not about being clear which matters but the main thing is not to be “unclear”. When you have a blurry idea You can’t focus on what you are looking and hence you can’t achieve it. A clear idea automatically generates a map in your mind so You don’t have to wander here and there doing many things but just wasting time and energy on all of them. There are people who spend time in planning and then taking actions and there are other people who are always in a hassle of doing things. They just start doing things without having an idea and in the end, they end up frustrated and bored. However, People who plan things before doing them are aware of their actions and such controlled actions increase the likelihood of getting the final goals 100s of times more than those hurried people.

Be clear about your goal

The above paragraph if I can sum up in a small line is “Spend time in Sharpening Your saw before cutting wood” So instead of making things complex and difficult, one can be clear and make them easy. As Einstein once said

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.  -Albert Einstein”

Just imagine a person travelling all alone on a road leading to some unknown point. He meets different people in his journey, He is moving forward. One day, someone asks him “Where are you going Sir” and the person replies “where the road will lead.” The questioner asks again “and where the road leads to?” the man replies with confused expressions “I don’t know, but I know I am going somewhere”.

You can infer from this example How significant is to move towards a known destination instead of towards a point that you, yourself are not aware of. A person who has no idea of his life’s goal is the same person in the example. When you don’t follow your path, you have to move on the paths build by others. You travel many of them but you reach nowhere.I welcome you to be clear about your destination so you don’t have to live without a reason.

Be clear in your perspective, if you are unclear, you will never be able to achieve any significant goal. You can get a clear idea of your actual desire by giving yourself enough time to think in solitude. Write the goals that are most important to you and the word important here doesn’t mean important in a sense that society will approve and praise. But in a sense that something from inside you will give you a clue that you have to keep on keeping on the journey to this particular task. A task that you never felt boredom in doing.

However, if you are still unclear and don’t know what you actually want, Try different random things that you think are satisfactory to you. Try them one by one and you will feel the things that click you the most. The things that will keep you motivated on a goal, the things that you love doing, the things you never get tired of doing. But one thing should always be kept be in mind that when you have decided once to do something, just do it until you are satisfied with the amount of effort you have poured in that thing.

Dig some deeper:

Now as you are clear about your goal, you have selected one single thing that you are going to accomplish. The next step is to explore something more inside. Now, you have to take a deep breath and ask yourself; is it the thing, the goal, the career that I really want?

You can get your Answer by asking yourself some questions again. Like

Why have I chosen this goal?

What will I do after that?

Is it making me happy?

Am I satisfied with it?

And lot more questions you can ask to yourself. However, if the result of this self-evaluation seems dubious then rethink on your selection and select it wisely because to achieve a goal you need to be fully focused on it. You should possess a firm belief and a can do at any cost attitude. Take a pen and paper or a notepad or any other writing application on your phone or PC, and write down all the possible advantages and all the possible disadvantages. Do this step genuinely; then, ask yourself “Is it the right thing for me?” But most of the times, if it is the right thing we don’t have to think much about it. However, planning is always a good idea.

“I am content; that is a blessing greater than riches; and he to whom that is given need ask no more.”

― Henry Fielding

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