Taking Responsibility- The Key to Success

There is a difference between those who live in the blame game and those who actually take the responsibility of their actions, although this is a debatable issue that either everything is in our control or not, this is a fact that not everything is by fate, most things happen because we let them be. We avoid situations and they become worst. We hid ourselves in the comfort zone and the reality seems a hateful thing. We work 24/7 but not up to the mark and then we blame the process. In Most of the cases, however, they are our own thoughts and feelings that are controlling our will. If we can create a Problem we can find a solution for it as well as Einstein once said:

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

This means that although it will require a little more effort but the thing is that we can find the solution if we are willing to take responsibility of our actions.

John is a 15 years old young man. He likes to get good grades in School. But he just likes to do so. He spends most of his time on social media. After getting low grades he always complains “That friend has stopped me from learning the test” This thing makes him satisfied with his procrastination and he runs away from taking responsibility. In reality, if he were truly sincere with his studies, he could have managed time to prepare his Test.

As you learn to stop delaying, you learn to develop the habit of taking responsibility. The more responsible you are, the more contented you are, the happier your life is, the more successful you become. When you learn to take responsibility instead of blaming other things and instead of procrastinating then you become a person who just not lives the life because he has to spend his days but because he has to thrive, he has to strive for excellence. Excellence, as you may say, is an innate trait but in reality, it is a habit. Successful people are those who take their responsibility. Who knows the reason behind their failures and who learn from their failures.

People who don’t have the stamina to take responsibility may pretend to be over-confident to a society by hiding their true self, but in reality, only hard workers and responsible people are appreciated and these are the people with whom others want to be in relationships of long-term, either personal or professional.

contentment and satisfaction

When you take responsibility you are already willing to choose whatever your destiny is, you have given yourself enough value by thinking that you are responsible for most of your deeds. And when one takes responsibility one starts achieving.

Taking responsibility is about acknowledging the fact that any consequence of your choice will be the product of your own will. You told the secret to your friend, he was not trustworthy, but as you have chosen to tell him the secret, you too are responsible for the betrayal that you faced.

A thing common in good leaders is that; all of them take responsibility for their deeds. When you indulge in blame game you get nothing but a way to run away from responsibility.

John and Mark are good friends, both are hard working, Both got a job in some marketing firm. Mark got promotions but John still remained in his initial post. He got jealous from inside, He thought that his boss likes Mark and he is allotting him good positions because of favouritism. One day, filled with anger, John dared to approach his boss and complain about him being unjust to him. Boss smiled and said, “Go to the market and find the price of cotton”

After some time John came to his boss and told him that “It’s two dollars for a kilogramme”

Now boss called Mark and asked him to do the same. He went to the market and on his return told the boss “Cotton’s price was $1.5 dollars yesterday but has increased to $2 as for now. Moreover, all the cotton is imported from India and is of good quality and hundred percent original. Some merchants are selling below $2 but their cotton is not much pure. Here is a sample of that”

Boss appreciated Mark and showed John that the reason for his failure was just to avoid taking responsibility. Responsibility is the essence of success.

Quotation from: https://generalways.com/albert-einstein/

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