How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is delaying a thing for some reasons. These reasons actually are not even worth considering; it is just an art of wasting time that we learn slowly by making tricks to ourselves. To be responsible, one must stop procrastination. Now consider a story discussed below


Tulip is assigned a task by the NGO to collect data from hundred families and check how many people are ‘Hepatitis C’ positive. She threw all the work on her subordinates and chose the task of proofreading it on her own. Now as they have done their task and provided her with the data; it is her turn. She thinks that she will read it in the evening but exactly at the time of reading she remembers that she had not arranged the Flowers in a vase. She drops the files on the table again and goes to arrange flowers, then she remembers she has to buy tickets for the next month movie and in doing so she forgets what actually she’s been doing. After wasting all the time and energy, she lay down and thinks that she will rise up one hour earlier than her routine and will check the files. She wakes up and somehow saves some extra time for reading but her friend knocks at the door at the same time. She is also in great trouble so in helping her she couldn’t re-read the report and submits it to the NGO. As the report is faulty she has to bear its consequences.

Have you noted that in the above example, everything happened just because the girl wanted to stay away from the task and to stay away she was doing different things that she could have done before the time of work or after reading files. If she didn’t have procrastinated she could have enjoyed the pleasure of contentment and satisfaction but her delay did nothing but to make her stressed.

To avoid procrastination, you should learn to control your life and follow the principles and disciplines that lead to the road towards success.

Following things can be done to avoid procrastination

Think, choose and do it:

Think of a task, rethink on it but once you are doing it, don’t let other things distract you until you have finished doing it. The more you do things by this way, the better and responsible person you become.

The Initial starter:

When you have chosen a task and you are new to following the principle of discipline, it is very difficult for you to act according to what you have drawn the map in your mind. For that, you have to work hard on yourself and gather the potential to do it. Think that there is no tomorrow or any other time and present is the only time that you can accomplish that goal. If you are still not convinced then you should give yourself tricks to do so.

The trick for the mind:

Say to yourself that you will just do this task for a few minutes and then you will leave it. But as you get to indulge in something you usually try to finish it; the difficulty is usually the initial point. You have to put yourself in a difficult situation in order to gain the outcomes of great success. For getting what you want, you have to take a step towards it, things will never move to your bed. As a famous proverb states

‘’If wishes were horses beggars would ride’’

This proverb explains Everything I want to explain and I can never make it simpler than that. 

So the truth is that you have to take the stand, you have to start. Only then you can accomplish what you want. People are there to appreciate success but they are not there to put it on the plate and serve at your table. People will trust you only if you trust yourself. Build yourself, it’s your task, my dear. Stop waiting and start doing. 

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