How to Stop Doing multiple Tasks At the Same Time

Have You ever been in a situation when all the day you were doing work -hard work! but in the evening when you feel tired and lazy You think about the things you have completed for that day, You rewind Your Mind’s Cassette and you realize that You have actually completed nothing. We sometimes do different unnecessary things in order to avoid a necessary task. This creates a situation of tension and self-worthlessness among you which, sometimes, can lead to depression and ultimately to anxiety.

We subconsciously do multiple tasks and are most of the times not aware of this phenomenon happening inside us. Being aware of a particular habit and understanding its roots is the first step towards changing it.

If you perform many tasks at the same time, chances are there that you will be diverted and none will be performed with much perfection. You actually can’t manage to concentrate on many things at the same time with equal attention.



If you are looking for the personal life in the hours of professional life and spoiling the hours of personal life by thinking about business deals. Then, you are actually not doing well in both areas.
You can manage to keep personal and professional lives far apart by stopping being a multi-tasker everywhere. You should instead do one task that is more important at a time and only focus on keeping all your energies on that particular task all that allotted specified period.

There is a girl named Tulip. She is very rich but is not satisfied with her life. She has a brand new car. A new apartment that she has just purchased in her favourite area, but she is always stressed because of her tough routines and also because she is not interested in that management related job she is doing. She can’t leave the job but also want to be content so she took a decision and started doing one task at a time. Now, she does all office work at the office and in the part-time, she has started to feed her real goal that can provide her contentment. Because of this new strategy of time management and thinking about problems she has acquired inner peace; she is now an artist in part-time and a good manager as well. She has asked herself the questions and fulfilled her goal.
You can prevent yourself being a multitasker by getting actually clear about what you have to do. For that purpose, you should manage a good life routine. Keep an all-day schedule on your diary or paper.

Make Your Priorities Clear:

You can follow these things, they may be beneficial to you.
Arrange your priorities in such a way that the things most important should come at the top of your to-do-list. This has a benefit that you will feel confident after accomplishing them and thus you will do the rest of tasks without being that stressful. Stress actually ruins away from the path to happiness. Learn to reduce stress before the sure signs appear.

Control Your Thoughts:

Thinking process is what we called the evolutionary best-developed mechanism in Human being. Thinking is not a bad thing but overthinking is! It can easily distract you and may take you towards a fancy world. We actually associate things with each other when we think eg. While looking at white colour You may suddenly remember your white bag…Then You realize that You have actually not picked it from Jack’s car OH MY GOSH!! and the time killing process along with its distractions goes on and on until you come at a point where you’re left with nor more time for the important tasks.

Take Naps:

It’s not a good idea to continually do a chore for a long time. There are hundreds of studies about it. Some saying that You should take some break after 45 minutes of work, some say after 30 minutes and some advise 25. But the concept is about giving yourself a period of relaxation so Your body and Mind both can work for long.

As Paulo Coelho said in his Novel Alchemist: [Source here]

“Tomorrow, sell our camel and buy a horse. Camels are traitorous: they walk thousands of paces and never seem to tire. Then suddenly, they kneel and die. But horses tire bit by bit. You always know how much you know you can ask of them, and when it is that they are about to die.”

It means that doing a task with a uniform pace is much better than doing it until you have no more energy to concentrate. This seems an increase in productivity but it’s bad for habit building. This thing can never build a good time management habit in you. If you do one task an hour daily, it is much better than doing it for 5 hours a day but only once a month only.

Avoid What Not Matters:

Doing your things is a plus but avoiding distractions is a crown over it. These distractions may be those sudden invitations for lunch or something similar to that. You have to decide what matters and then stick to it. Learn to avoid these things in a polite manner.

Be stress-free:

Keep Yourself calm and healthy. Healthy mind and body are crucial things for attaining success. If you feel stressed, take a break, think over the things making you stressed and find a solution instead of overthinking. Meditate and Pray to God.


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