How to Be Satisfied and Contented in Life

Contentment is about being good to yourself by accepting who you are in every respect. This gives you an ultimate happiness in every field you work.

To be content you have to learn to manage and deal with situations and people. A peacefulness of mind and soul is possible if you are satisfied with yourself. If you consciously or unconsciously don’t think bad about yourself; you can attain a certain level of peace.




Now let me add something to it. Emotions are a natural state, we sometimes, think badly of ourselves. It’s impossible to be that positive all the time but you can attain a certain level of contentment when you know How to deal with situations. How to not let yourself suffer more and more for a single mistake, regretting about the past do nothing but it only makes you more and more miser in your mind. If we accept the past, we can get ideas of rectifying previous mistakes. We can either correct ourselves or the situation or otherwise we have to forgive ourselves and think about the bad time as a blessing in disguise. When you learn to deal with the situation, you become stronger.

Bits of Fiction

There was an emperor. He had a trustworthy slave. The emperor loved his slave too much and so does the slave love his master. This slave was among his very few faithful slaves. One day, in hot summer, Emperor and his slave were out for hunting. Due to some reason, Emperor got a cut in his thumb of right hand. He told the slave, who, instead of showing empathy; said to the Emperor “Master, this is a very minute injury. You don’t have to show this in such a way. Everything happens for good”

On listening to his words, Emperor became angry and ordered his soldiers to put the slave in prison and hang him to death after 24 hours of imprisonment. It was worst for the slave but he couldn’t help anything. After announcing the punishment, Emperor went for hunting alone.His horse moved a few more steps. Some native tribe of Forest captured him and put him in their traps. They decided to Cook the Emperor alive. As they were going to cook him, one of the wise men in tribe saw the cut on his Thumb. According to their paradigms, it was not permissible to cook an injured person. So they left him and let him go. He ran towards the prison where his slave was imprisoned. To his surprise, the slave was just about to be killed as per his command. Emperor ordered to set him free and told him the whole story. He told him about the incidence and acknowledged that he was at fault. The Emperor was feeling ashamed for his deed but the slave said “Master, It’s again a blessing in disguise that you imprisoned me, if I were with you; those tribal people would surely have cooked me as I was not injured at all”

Have you noted something from the example above, that no matter how we feel at the time of incidence but in most cases, blessings spring from a disguised situation. It is our attitude about a situation that makes it better or worst.

Digging deeper was just to ensure you that you are interested in the goal you have chosen; Contentment should be a very first priority for achieving anything.  A contented person thinks more efficiently than a person who is always stressed. So to avoid depression, you should choose the things you enjoy doing. In them, you will find the pleasure, and in them, you will meet the best version of yourself.

“Tulip is trying to find a new apartment for her living but she also doesn’t want to leave the current apartment.”

How can she live in two places at the same time, the same way we have to be content, we have to be clear that our motive is great and we can leave other things temporarily or permanently for it. It’s always great to understand your inner demands and then act according to them.

Success is a product of discipline as well, and to get yourself equipped with discipline you need to get out of your comfort zone. You have to exercise, you have to take balanced diet, you have to stop speaking irrelevant, you have to make yourself more attractive(by achievements). No one but you are greatly responsible for everything happening to you.

You have to leave your habit of wasting time on little things that don’t matter much in the end so you can be more productive. A more productive person is more contented as well because he has inner satisfaction.

To acquire peace, you should also learn to avoid small stuff that can bring stress and depression to your life. A practical technique that I found helpful was that I started to think “How important this thing will be in my future life”. Believe me, most of the things you think are of great consideration, for now, are not even worth remembering after a year or two. So, there is logically no reason to invest your time and emotions on things that have no value in future.

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