Commitment -The Tool After Motivation

A person who has goal can use it as a motivation but can you imagine a person who is just thinking big and big but not acting upon any of his goals. One has to be committed to achieving his goals. Commitment is the ability to have unshakable courage and determination. People who remain committed to their goals and don’t give up in the hours of pain become the one they want to be. This is the quality of leaders. When your goal is Big you have to be ready for the hard work, for the failures, for meeting betrayals, but you have to remember that “Why you started?” the answer to this question  is the strongest motivational force that a person can feel in the middle of journey when nothing is clear; neither the destination nor the previous points.


You can see any leader in the world, you can see them in a hard situation, you can see them at points when they have to take the stand alone. You will see the people leaving them and they are still standing alone and firm. At the same time, you will see people complaining around for little bad lucks. Actually, most people love easy things. The difference is only here, after facing failures most of the people hide in their comfort zone. Leaders are those who fight with their inner selves. They knew how good it is to be a leader or a hero then to focus on the blame game and hide. They understand the value of pain.

Colonel Sanders at the age of about 65 was living very tough life. But he had an idea; he had the vision for success. He met 100s of restaurant owners asking them to implement his idea but none of them accepted. In the end, one restaurant owner agreed to use his recipe and now you know him as the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC.

This is how commitment works. when you are committed to achieving something you don’t care much about the failure because you know the real value of your goal, your idea, your motive; no matter what people think.

But the commitment to something that is not producing anything productive for you is not a good idea, you have to be committed but not to keep an abusing relationship, a negative belief, a false idea, craving for something that is of no value in future. Just give up on the things that are hurdles to your success.

However, generally, the commitment to anything valuable never goes wasted. It teaches You the valuable lessons in life, the lessons that make you the best versions of Yourself. Life is not about winning or losing, it is about learning and making the things happen. It is about making some difference in lives.

Have Firm belief in process and the things, in the end, will start moving in the direction that You want them to move. Stay committed and never give up. Even if you have to give up on some object, never give up on the process.

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