Balanced Thinking! Is Your Thinking Biased

One of the perks of being an overthinker is that you don’t even trust what you’re thinking! The other day, I was thinking about thinking! Weird? Okay, let me explain it!

We, humans beings, are very rational creatures, but is our thinking rational, or is it biased? The catalyst of curiosity compelled me to find a satisfactory answer, and here is what it is!

Most of the time, our thinking is irrational, based on the emotions. There several biases that affect our thinking. I am going to discuss only a few ones here that I have seen a lot.

Confirmation Bias:

A type of bias in which our thinking is based on our prejudices, values, and norms. We only tend to seek and favor information that supports our existing beliefs.

Let’s suppose; there is a girl who believes that ALL men consider themselves superior. Whenever she meets someone from the opposite gender, she tries to find that dominating factor in them. When researching for a debate, she struggles to find all the arguments that support her paradigms. (Don’t judge my beliefs here, it’s just an example)

Conviction Bias:

Conviction Bias is interesting, and every one of us has experienced this somewhere in our life. It’s when you try every possible way to convince yourself that what you believe (based on the emotions) is accurate, and things will surely go according to what your emotions have forced you to plan.

In our society, this type of bias is mostly seen among people stuck in a “Not Yet.” Relationship. The victims try every possible way to convince themselves that their decision to choose this person was legitimate and that their words had value. At every instant, when the bonding is shaken, they try to go the extra mile to bring things in order, but deep down, they ignore the red flags. The collection of those red flags is another conviction that we’ll discuss in some other post.

Appearance Bias:

When you believe that a person who is physically appealing, rich, cheerful, dominant, or at high rank must be of good character, you are experiencing this bias.

It’s when a boss asks for a favor, most of the people will not judge him, but the same favor may be considered an unethical practice when a person of lower rank asks for it.

There are a lot of other biases you might have experienced, but let’s wind it here with the final words that don’t ever make any decision instantaneously if there are emotions involved! Take your time to avoid later regrets. It’s not about ignoring emotions while making a decision; it’s all about maintaining a balance and calmness when thinking.

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